Welcome to the Spaceware Labs.
Currently in development:
Project VoidVR
Project VoidVR is an upcoming virtual reality app, that literally let's you dive into your favorite songs while riding, driving or floating through unknown worlds and discovering their secrets.
Temporarily put on ice:
Project Space Cloud
A mighty, private entertainment cloud. Running on Android.
Still a gem:
FLOW - A Space Drum Saga
Very challenging drumming game - play with headphones!.
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Project Space Cloud
The SpacewareLabs are currently working on "Project Space Cloud", a personal Entertainment Cloud running on Android, that helps to protect both, your privacy and the environment. Upcycle old, unused phones or create your mobile pocket cloud.
Super Peg World
Long time no see. But there are some good news. A really cool game was just released!

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FLOW V1.2.6
Another update. Another level. Up to the bird plains!

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More News
FLOW - A Space Drum Saga
The best game ever ^^
Games: Music & Rhythm
Super Peg World
Very Entertaining
Games: Casual
Ultra Compass & Level
Beautiful Compass And Level
Tools: Navigation
Dice 3D
Cool and realistic dice simulator
Super Space Snake
A pretty cool snake game.
Games: Arcade
Micro Timer
Versatile timer and alarm app
Tools: Time
Space Drum
Wicked drums for your phone
Fun: Music
Great Compass
Yet another compass app.
Tools: Navigation
Micro Stopwatch
A futuristic stopwatch.
Tools: Stopwatch
Metronome Dedicated To FLOW
Tools: Metronome
Space Piano
A simple piano app
Fun: Music
Nano Compass
A tiny 28 KB compass
Tools: Navigation
Flux Cam FREE
Cool Live Effects Camera
MooFo - Cows & Aliens
Defend your cows against alien invaders.
Games: Strategy
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FLOW is an intense musical game full of style and freaky ideas. It is something really special, something that was never there before. It plays like a live on stage music video, with you as the star playing the drums and keeping up the FLOW. Unless you're a drummer or really talented, it might take a few minutes to figure out how to play. This is simply because your left and right hemispheres need a little time to learn to coordinate the rhythmic movements of your thumbs or fingers, just like with real drums. However, when caught by the FLOW, you will transform into an unstoppable drum machine and play the best game of your life! So don't give up too early. If you can win this game, you should try to play real drums. You might be astonished of what you can do now.

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