Project Space Cloud Dec 4, 2015
The SpacewareLabs are currently working on "Project Space Cloud", a personal Entertainment Cloud running on Android, that helps to protect both, your privacy and the environment. Upcycle old, unused phones or create your mobile pocket cloud.
Super Peg World Feb 6, 2015
Long time no see. But there are some good news. A really cool game was just released!

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FLOW V1.2.6 Jun 19, 2014
Another update. Another level. Up to the bird plains!

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FLOW V1.2.5 Sep 12, 2013
All you music lovers cheer, FLOW - A Space Drum Saga was updated. With the update you will get keyboard support, some bugfixes, more free-to-play levels and a completely new planet for FLOW DLX. Enjoy!


Micro Stopwatch & Timer Aug 20, 2013
Check out this really cool Stopwatch with Timer / Alarm Clock


Ultra Compass & Level Jun 15, 2013
Check out the coolest compass with level by Spaceware.

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Flux Cam Jun 5, 2013
Take amazing snapshots with this cool and nifty camera supporting freely customizable live effects. Spaceware, baby.


FLOW DLX! Mar 30, 2013
An ad free deluxe version of FLOW was released. Please support the game and buy it, it all depends on you guys!


The best music game ever got a cool update! Feb 22, 2013
FLOW - A Space Drum Saga was updated to Version 1.2 and now has a new awesome menu screen and a cool new level on Twilight.

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Spaceware develops Web 4.0 Feb 22, 2013

Spaceware released the Neocom, that will replace slow and boring HTML content in cool apps like FLOW.
FLOW Preview Video 1.2 Feb 13, 2013
FLOW Preview Video released. Within the next weeks FLOW will be patched to Version 1.2. Check out the video on YouTube:


FLOW Update 1.1 Sep 25, 2012
There will be an update of "FLOW - A Space Drum Saga" pretty soon. It brings a new difficulty for noobs, some improvements to the menu and several little tweaks and bugfixes.
Voices in my head? Sep 5, 2012
One year later birds are singing big things are to come...
Abyss Ape Release Sep 22, 2011
Somehow that stupid crap made it into the market. Umm - the apes, I mean... They are escaping. I gotta go. Meanwhile follow Spaceware on Twitter.

Escape plans Sep 20, 2011
Seems like the monkeys finally found the power button and uploaded this website. I have also heard they are working on escape plans. Feels like another app is close to being released.
Acid for the server Sep 3, 2011
After injecting some more battery acid into our server to increase it's performance, we had to take it down. Our monkeys are working on it's reconstruction. Check back in a few days again...